What is the Luggage Allowance on Air Canada airlines

What Is The Luggage Allowance On Air Canada Airlines

What is the Luggage Allowance on Air Canada airlines

While you are traveling, you will always prefer to keep your luggage safe. When you are planning to travel by air, you expect from the airline service to keep your luggage safe. Similarly, Air Canada provides best baggage policies for its customers. Person traveling from Air Canada can take all his favorite luggage with him. Few kind of luggage may have certain restrictions. So here shown is information about the baggage policy of Air Canada.

As far as the cabin bag concerned, one person is allowed to take one bag plus one small personal bag or child care bag etc. The size of the standard bag must be 55 X25 X 40.

If you are carrying a child in your lap then you are allowed to take one more standard bag with you. Another personal item may include your laptop, sports bag or camera, or pet in its carrier, or shopping bag etc.

For checked bags, three bags of 32kg or less are allowed and after that per bag person have to pay $225. This baggage allowance depends upon the place where the person is traveling.

From the Air Canada web site, go to Check Baggage link.Select the source and the destination airport and check the box for child passenger as either infant or 11 years old and more.
Click on the tab, View Allowances.
Person will get the list of free checked baggage and the fee for additional baggage or weight.
Fee paid for the baggage is completely non refundable even if the baggage is delayed or damaged.
If the baggage is delayed or missing, person have to immediately file the complaint.
The executives will work to locate the baggage and will courier it at the person's address.
If the baggage do not get located or get damaged then person can get the amount based on guidelines.

Call at the Air Canada Reservations Phone Number, if you want any kind of information related to baggage allowances. This service is round the clock available. Person can get to know the allowances telling the executives about their departure and arrival airports.


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